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"You're not Fool's Gold; you are pure gold"" 
Durham Probus

"...Returning by popular demand" Stevenage U3A

information: all about the show


A Fool’s Gold show is rooted in music, but is much more than just a concert performance. Our live show uses live music, story and projected visuals to weave a fascinating show for all ages.

As well as performing the songs live, we reveal the stories behind the songs, the histories and mysteries, tragedies and romances that gave rise to original and very well known songs. The original material is often historical in reference and engages audience from the beginning.  The show makes a point of audience involvement. Show formats can be tailored to venue requirements.

We play in theatres, Village Halls, libraries, clubs. We play for local communities, organisations (U3A, WI, Probus et alia), we play for everone!

What makes them different is that we reveal to audiences the stories that lie behind the songs. We tell of the hidden histories, myths, characters and events that called the songs into being in the first place.

We have a number of different programmes, there is sure to be something to interest and enthrall your group!


NB: We have all our own equipment (all PAT tested) and require little from venues.. We are insured for public performance. All we need from a venue is a power supply. Set up time depends on numbers, but is usually around 60 minutes. Strike down is always less!


Our Programmes

Currently we have several programmes -

there's a list and brief description of each here:


New for 2019!

Bang up to the Elephant

This is a our new show and is ready for 2019 and is booking now. The theme this time is our eminent ancestors The Victorians! You can imagine the fun we are having deciding on themes, Characters and events. Plus there is a vast treasure trove very well known songs from the Golden Age of Music Hall.


Waters of Tyme

New and revised for 2019 and booking now. This show is a wonderful trip in story, song and images down the River Tyne. We meet some strange characters and see some interesting sights along the way! Original and traditional music.


Stormy Stories

One of our most requested presentations - it's a mixed set of stories and songs arranged around a 'Stormy' theme'; some stories are deeply moving, and some are most definitely light-hearted. And it's all true. 

There's a page all about it a page HERE

Beat The Drum

Originally produced for Help for Heroes and The British Legion, we now perform this show whenever requested. A commemoration of The First Great War, this show examines the conflict through the true story of a Durham miner, who turns into a VC...

There's a page about that show too: HERE


We will always work with promoters to make sure that a show can go ahead, so far we have been able to manage that. There cannot be one set price, as all shows and requirements are different.

Cost guidelines:


For U3A, WI, Probus and many other organisations we have worked with we will try to work within your standard speaker budget. Some organisations have been kind enough to offer an expenses payment on top, but we do not ask for it. Our general request is for a fee in the region of £75 (plus discretionary expenses where applicable) for an hour performance to groups.


Halls, Theatres etc

We will work for a flat fee (usually working in the region of £150) but will always consider working against the door, split risk arrangements - we want to play, so please talk to us!