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Co Durham DH9 7JT

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A Fool’s Gold show is rooted in music, but is much more than just a concert performance. Our live show uses live music, story and projected visuals to weave a fascinating show for all ages.

As well as performing the songs live, we reveal the stories behind the songs, the histories and mysteries, tragedies and romances that gave rise to original and very well known songs. The original material is often historical in reference and engages audience from the beginning.  The show makes a point of audience involvement. Shows are generally themed, which adds to the interest.


We play original and traditional music, we are folk-ish, without being trad. We play a variety of instruments at our shows, guitars, flute, whistles, bass and ukelele feature regularly.


Everything we play is live and the only thing we require from a venue is a plug socket!


If you'd like to book an FG show, the best thing to do is check our gigs page, then head over to the contact page - we'd love to hear from you!